Pooja ( पूजा )

This post is not about person named Pooja but is about the actual meaning of this word which is “a regular and disciplined act of spending some time doing certain actions such as cleaning and decorating(with flowers) idols and the place, chanting some shlokas, praying God, and all this with complete attention”. Regularity has the higher importance followed by one’s attention, followed by the actions performed while doing Pooja.

A person between age 30 ~ 45 is more conscious than he is during other age years in his life. During these years he understands more deeply why he is doing the things that he is doing. And in these years he gets surrounded by his own making. Often he gets stuck in the process so deeply that he starts suffering his own thought process. He starts looking for a way to untangle this rope, the rope of thought process, that he is tying himself.

One idea to avoid the pain of this entanglement is to first stop further entangling. At-least one will not further cause the damage. Also just by stopping further entangling, the rope automatically will start loosening as well, by it’s own weight. One of the core aims of one’s life as described in Hindu scriptures is to attain freedom(Mukti), the freedom from one’s own entanglement.

Out of 24 hrs of the day one is not sleeping at-least for 15 hrs. These 15 hrs his though process entangles him and it gets so tightly entangled sometimes that only way to stop further entangling is to sleep (stop the thought process). This is why people who needs more sleep are the ones who thinks too much unconsciously. Anther way to avoid this entangling is to have the thought process in your control i.e. conscious thinking.

If one decides to do an act daily, at specific time , then one brings certain consciousness in him that he becomes aware that he has to do something everyday. If he further decides to do specific list of actions then he is trying to be more conscious as he has list of things in his mind to do. If he further adds things such as chanting, reading, praying to his disciplined act then he is actually stopping his uncontrolled thoughts which are replaced by ones disciplined actions. It is true that it is not necessary to do actions related to God to loosen your entanglement, but it is observed that doing actions which brings positiveness in you are more impactful for achieving such freedom.

This is Pooja. Doing an positive/holy act regularly with full attention to disentangle from your own flow of unconscious thought process.

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