Opening the door

Parents use some tricks for kids to NOT do something. One of such things is when parents do not want kids to go to certain room in the house or place they will tell that there is ghost inside that room , don’t try to go there.  This trick works but it creates curiosity in kids to know if really there is ghost, but out of fear they wont try.

Here there is fear which stops kids to explore the hidden area.  Some kids dares to open it and to their amazement there is no ghost :).

In my life I had never run 5km in one go. In school times we use to run race for 100m,200m etc but that’s it.  I didn’t know yet what would happen if I run for 5km non stop.  On trade mill I ran some distances but amount of energy and strength you need on the road is very different for sure.

I didn’t run long distance in one go may be because of various reasons. First, I do not  know people who do it regularly. None of my friends, colleagues or relatives have done it, neither its in my culture. So I was unaware of such things. Second, I do not know why should one do it. Other reasons such as no time to do it , no place to do it etc. (fake but self excusable reasons). Also I see some people running on the road and they are already fat so it’s clear that running even wont help to reduce weight(this is probable case, 7/10 running people,in my view, on road are fat as they are running to reduce the weight) .

I realized that running long distance (minimum 5km) is a such a closed door (closed by none other than me) that I never explored.  And real reason I found that I do not have curiosity to know what will happen if I run such distance. Probably I thought nothing will change in me(just a guess).

In month of Dec 2018 some event happened which ignited me to run at least a km per day.  So starting this year 2019, I started running 1 km everyday no matter what.  Incidentally there was a Marathon (5km) in my community in Feb and I thought why not run it.  To my amazement I ran it.  I happen to open this door of running for long distances.  I think this will change me by greater value.  For sure it benefited me as weighing machine shows a good difference in just a month time.

I think there are many such doors that one need to open to explore oneself.


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