This “Time” series is my honest attempt to know what do we mean by “Time”. What is the nature of it. It is offcourse not necessary ( and is not ) to match with what someone says.  Ans so I am saying it as my honest attempt.

In previous blog (link) we discussed if Time is purely just a discovery by humans, i.e. have we discovered it ? To be able to discover something we need source for that thing , medium by which it travels (or stays) and our senses to detect it. For time we don’t have any of those. There is no source that creates time, time does not have medium , and we don’t have any sensor which can detect time.

We discussed that we have memories of something happened to us and our consciousness tells that we have memory. e.g. we were very little conscious when we were a year old. We don’t recall any of the things happened to us at that time. We individual can not surely tell if we were one year old for sure in past (we logically think that to become 30 yrs old we must have been 1 year old and that’s it. There is no real proof that one himself can generate that he was one year old.  Your parent can show you old photos ,videos etc but it’s not you , it’s them.)

So consciousness is helpful to let one confidently differentiate between past and present.

Let’s go to other branch to see if Time is our invention.

Invention is something lies in our creation category. e.g. GOD is our invention. We have not discovered GOD , instead we have created it for our own sake.

Is Time like a GOD , that we created for own sake ? Both of them does not have source of creation , and we either don’t have any sensor to detect it’s presence.

Whether or not GOD is an invention is very debatable and so let’s not fit time into invention category just because my personal opinion about GOD being an invention. Another example of invention would be let’s say a Chair. It’s an instrument to sit and take rest(it’s a physical instrument). Another example would be mathematics. It is our invention (virtual). It is a thought or collection of various logical thoughts.

Is Time just a thought or is it a external independent thing ? We will discuss more in upcoming blogs.

Thanks for taking time to visit Purity from your busy life. I hope you had a different thought today.

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6 thoughts on “Time-2

  1. Congrates Dhananjay it’s a really very thought full post. I agree with you time is some thing human’s created and I would say it’s a one aspect of mathematics only. It’s a kind of range we used to measure the era. If you keep any one unaware of concept of time from birth then time will not exist for him. But it’s confusing as human says any thing which can be measured is real. We can measure time but we can not measure god. So we can not keep time in category of hypothetical concept god. So I think time will not fits in 2 category you mentioned.

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  2. time is not subjective to observer, we use motion/memory to identify the passage of time for the convenience, time is like space, its always there. so we discovered the means to measure it, just like we discovered how to create fire.

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