There has been lot of discussion in recent decades about “state of nothingness”. Philosophers , scientists , teachers , scholars and many other groups have been discussing about was there “nothing” before this universe.  Most of the discussions goes on understanding of nothing itself .Can there exists absolute nothing or what is nothing itself is yet to be locked into scientific discoveries.

This blog post is inspired from Lawrence Krauss‘s discussions and thinking about  nothing.  This blog post is not about theoretical physics etc and is all about my honest opinion and  my thoughts on “nothingness“.

Lets start with very simple state of nothing , and for that I put a statement : “There is nothing in my pocket.” This is very relative statement and for me it means there is absence of things which are commonly kept and looked upon in the pocket. But there exists air inside , so definitely there is not nothing because air is something. As long as we find something we can not say it’s nothing.

Lets create vacuum in a iron cubical box by removing air. Now can you say there is nothing in the box ?   Electromagnetic waves can travel trough vacuum and on earth we have so many electromagnetic things going on (mobile , radio , television signals and what not are all electromagnetic)  and so there exists something in the box. Also because we can’t realistically make 100% vacuum so there will always be something in out iron cubical box on earth.

Now let’s go to deep space and imagine 1m cubical area out there. Again assume vacuum is out there. Is there nothing ?  What about light from stars, you will always have some light (low/high intensity) out there coming from some or other star.

We can go further deeper and we will see Gravity,Time, Magnetic force etc out there.  Also we can call space itself a something. Now if space itself is something then it’s highly difficult to imagine things which can exists without space. Only your thoughts then can exists without taking space(and even someone can say thoughts take space in brain).

It seems to be inconclusive or branching discussion and so it will be good to first arrive at a point or definition of few important things out here and then again talk if “nothing” can exists.

Two of such things are “exists” and “a thing”. What are all things that we can say they fit into category of  “a thing”. What is the criteria on which we can call if it “exists” ?

So in conclusion , to find out if  “nothing exists” we need to know what do we actually mean by “something exists”?  If we answer second question we may be able to categories  what is “nothing”  and if it exists or not.

Please watch this space for further discussion on this topic on my blogpost.

Thanks for your valuable time to visit Purity.  I hope you had a different thought to take with you today.

Please leave comments below about your thought about “nothing“.

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