Beyond Logic

We are living in a time where “logical mind” is given more value in terms or both money and respect, as these “logical minds” have helped to modify this world to enhance the luxuries of living.  I think it’s good to be logical but it’s not good to be bound to it or to protect the logical thinking to be highest form of thinking. If we do so we will miss the wonders of illogical things which are around us and could be the doors to future form of world.

With this in mind, I have my own illogical areas which bothers me all the time.

How small ?  In mathematics every real number can be divided into 2 halves. e.g. 10 can be split into 5 and 5. And then this 5 can further be split into 2.5 and 2.5 then then further 1.25 and 1.25 … so on. We use the mathematics to model the physical world. It has been used to so extent that people derived black hole’s deterministic behavior using math(I heard so). With this logical tool (math) can we think (just think) of splitting matter into halves. How far can we go ? Let’s say we reached to an atom. Now atom can be thought of made of 2 half atoms and each half then into 1/4 of atom. Every half part that we will come up here onward can be thought as made of 2 halves. That means everything is made up of infinite ( not sure what this word really means) smaller halves. Can our logic accept this ? Same thing is true if we go outwards.

Who does this ? When we are in deep sleep, what causes us to wake up when there are no external disturbances. e.g. when you are sleeping in a quiet room, and there are no disturbances of any kind to any of your senses (ear,touch,smell,taste),  you still wake up after certain time. What makes you wake up. Is the waker and the sleeping one the same ?

Light question?  We agree that everything that we could see is just a reflection of light from that thing into your eye(sensor). That also logically then makes sense that if we go in a very dark room(i.e. closed room not having any source of light)  then we can’t see anything as there is no light to reflect into your eyes. So it is clear that the light which is reflecting back from a thing must carry information about that thing to you. That means if we intercept this light at any point on the way, it must have the information about the thing it has visited.  Does this mean , any random light ray that we intercept actually has all the information about the things it has visited in the journey from the very beginning (source of light). So can we simply create a whole picture of this universe using simple ray of light ?

Everything beyond our limit of measurement we call it as Infinity. But we are not sure if it’s really Infinity. In fact do we know what infinity is? Is it just a word used to describe our limitations or it means something. In physical world how can something be infinite. Is Infinity in our experience? People say this universe is infinite but the moment they say word universe aren’t they thinking about their imagined finite thing? Anything which is in our senses we can say it’s logical, how can Infinity be logical ? Have we just taken this word granted and we are so unconscious about it that we just refer this word as taken granted. Isn’t it true about zero too. Is zero in our experience ? is it logical(really) ?  Could it be true that zero and infinity are same  and it’s just our logical mind not ready to accept ?

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