I am sure one day my daughter is going ask me “why 1 plus 1 is 2?” and I am going to go nuts to answer this. This very thought generated in me a basic question “What is the limit to ask why , meaning till what extent one can ask why ?”

Let’s try to answer above question of  why 1+1 is 2 itself (explanation is not to my daughter , she wont understand it as of now).

First hand answer  : “because one apple and one apple makes two apples”.

Question: But both apples may not be same, will still it make 2 apples ? why ?

Answer: I think size wont matter while counting.

Question : If I cut one apple into two pieces, then along with second apple , how many apples I will have?

Answer: “Well” , umm.. in this case apples are 2 but count is 3 . (Ah!!)

Question : That means , size does matter.

Answer : Ok, Let me explain in you by another way.  2is a number and 1 is a number. 2 is away from 1 by 1. (:O), and thats why when we add 1 with 1 it becomes 2.

Question: Why 2 is away from 1 by 1  ?

Answer : We have number line which makes the two numbers separated from each other with some logical distance. For equal distance intervals we name it by number. e.g. 1 , 2 ,3 ,4,5 are equidistant intervals.

Question: Why we have number line ?

Answer : That’s our base of mathematics.

Question : Why we need base to a subject ?

Answer  :  This is common practice to make a base i.e. foundation and then create the whole system. And that works , rather it has worked in past for many such systems.

Question : why common practice is trusted to a level to make a base and then system?

Answer: Because it works.

Question : Why something has to work to make it a common practice?

Answer : Because if it does not work then we can not use it .

And the series goes on….. A point comes in the series where ..

Answer:  “there is a GOD who created universe, and thats why it is like that.

Question : then who created this GOD?

Answer : GOD does not need creation .

Question: Why he does not need creation ?


Question : Why HE is the GOD???

And it never ends!!!!!

Main idea of this blog is to tell you that every single thing in this universe  , be it logical , physical , virtual ..anything , is questionable and questions are limitless, there is no limit .

It is limitless both ways. You can go solar system, Galaxy, Universe , multiverse etc i.e. outward. And you can go towards atom, electron , boson etc.. i.e. inward.

Now question is does human has limit to know the limitless nature?

And that’s what is called Science , an approach to study limitless nature and break the today’s known boundary to tomorrow’s unknown secrets.

Thanks for visiting Purity, hope you had a different thought for a moment in your busy life!

One thought on “Limit

  1. Interesting read 🙂 I agree, Limit is

    I remember we had a discussion on this long time back, you asked me what is outside the sky? what is the container of sky, well not that I have an answer but it was our discussion and many such discussions that i miss. 🙂

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