ONE of the main reasons why human could conquer this animal planet is his ability to “Study”. In this blog I am posting my understanding and opinions about “changed meaning of word Study in current times”. This blog is based on my observation of the same in primary schools  , colleges and universities.

To me meaning of study is  to observe ,  and for one to become master in particular area he must practice.  Observation along with practice can make one a Professional.

Today the meaning of study has completely changed and it has become “to read“. And for one to become master he is “remembering”  what he has read.  So today’s professionals are “readers who could remember”.

Well , surely not everyone fits into above category but you will agree most of them though fits in. Immediate question would be why are we going on this path if this is not right way. How one can study rightly. Is reading only way left to study now as Newton, Darwin, Einstein , Faraday , Hawking already did the “observation” part and nothing is left for us to study? Is reading and remembering giving us the success (money) and that why we are on that path ? Is today’s competition very high that one does not have time to observe and grasp, and if one does  will he not succeed ?

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I am sure one day my daughter is going ask me “why 1 plus 1 is 2?” and I am going to go nuts to answer this. This very thought generated in me a basic question “What is the limit to ask why , meaning till what extent one can ask why ?”

Let’s try to answer above question of  why 1+1 is 2 itself (explanation is not to my daughter , she wont understand it as of now).

First hand answer  : “because one apple and one apple makes two apples”.

Question: But both apples may not be same, will still it make 2 apples ? why ?

Answer: I think size wont matter while counting.

Question : If I cut one apple into two pieces, then along with second apple , how many apples I will have?

Answer: “Well” , umm.. in this case apples are 2 but count is 3 . (Ah!!)

Question : That means , size does matter.

Answer : Ok, Let me explain in you by another way.  2is a number and 1 is a number. 2 is away from 1 by 1. (:O), and thats why when we add 1 with 1 it becomes 2.

Question: Why 2 is away from 1 by 1  ?

Answer : We have number line which makes the two numbers separated from each other with some logical distance. For equal distance intervals we name it by number. e.g. 1 , 2 ,3 ,4,5 are equidistant intervals.

Question: Why we have number line ?

Answer : That’s our base of mathematics.

Question : Why we need base to a subject ?

Answer  :  This is common practice to make a base i.e. foundation and then create the whole system. And that works , rather it has worked in past for many such systems.

Question : why common practice is trusted to a level to make a base and then system?

Answer: Because it works.

Question : Why something has to work to make it a common practice?

Answer : Because if it does not work then we can not use it .

And the series goes on….. A point comes in the series where ..

Answer:  “there is a GOD who created universe, and thats why it is like that.

Question : then who created this GOD?

Answer : GOD does not need creation .

Question: Why he does not need creation ?


Question : Why HE is the GOD???

And it never ends!!!!!

Main idea of this blog is to tell you that every single thing in this universe  , be it logical , physical , virtual ..anything , is questionable and questions are limitless, there is no limit .

It is limitless both ways. You can go solar system, Galaxy, Universe , multiverse etc i.e. outward. And you can go towards atom, electron , boson etc.. i.e. inward.

Now question is does human has limit to know the limitless nature?

And that’s what is called Science , an approach to study limitless nature and break the today’s known boundary to tomorrow’s unknown secrets.

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Time , for me , is one of many concepts which we have taken granted by us in our understanding. We think that “time is passing or running each and every clock tick and we dont go deep to know more about it. And so this blog is to question the basics of it and give a small attempt to go deeper in our understanding of “Time”.

All of the things that we know are either we have invented (created) them or we have discovered(found/observed) them. So in that sense is the “Time”  just an observation(discovery) or an human’s own creation (Invention) ?

May be to answer this let’s first see some other things e.g. sound, is sound observation or creation ? Well , you can say it’s a human sensory observation of pressure waves for which we gave a word “sound” . Other languages has different words for this observation. Lets go further , did sound exist before humans ? Well yes, sea waves make sound when landed on rock or simply pool of water splashes on other water pool or any object , the friction between them makes sound waves. But importantly we need some medium to have sound. No medium no sound. On earth we have atmosphere (air) so we have sound here but not in space. e.g. on moon, there is no sound there. So we can say that sound source along with medium makes sound which we observe ear.

So to summarize, sound is an observation/discovery by sensory living beings in the presence of sound transferring medium. And we can say we need  Source ,Medium and Sensor to surely know existence of sound.

Can we generalize this above statement for every observation or discovery of human being and say  : “Every discovery or observation made by human begin needs Source (or the thing itself) , medium (to reach our sensors) and sensor (e.g. eye ,ear,touch etc)”.

With this new framework can we judge if “time” is our observation/discovery ?

First of all do we have source for “Time” ?  No, not that is known today. There is no known things which can create time.

Can time be sensed by us ? How?  Eye , skin, tongue , ear, nose are not for sensing time.

Does time require medium to reach out to humans?   As there is no source we cant think of medium it uses.  But at experience level let’s hear some general arguments which brings some logical points to show existence of time. (Contradiction to each logical point is explained after each point.)

One can say we observe time by notion of observing something changing and we can say it was past and this is present. ==> But if we remove eye and ear and deactivate your touch sensor and you can’t smell and the tongue is removed,  does that mean “time” does not exists for that person ?  He still ages and for other person’s how are seeing him growing , time exists.

We see clock ticking and that may show time is passing. ==> Well then my argument would be I have stopped clock, does that mean time is frozen ?

We age , we die. This may show time is passing. ==> But what happens in space- there is nothing out there. Nothing dies and noting ages there , so no time there ? What is your aging and dying has to do with time ?Is it just the changes we see in living being makes existence of time ? Or it’s existence is based on location, i.e. there is time on earth as there are living beings v/s there is no time on Mars as there are no beings there out ?

We have past memories and future thoughts , that may represent there is time. ==> Isn’t  it your consciousness which helps you to work on memory. So may be here your consciousness has something to do with past and present things.

So far “time” is not direct sensory observation but we see some relation with consciousness.

In the next part of this series i.e. “Time-Part 2” we will together find more about time.

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In this blog, I am trying to capture some nice thoughts that I came across and some from my own philosophy.

Here goes the list  :

The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution


Tell me, and I will forget.  Show me, and I may remember.  Involve me, and I will understand.


Be the change you want to see in the world!


Chain is as strong as it’s weakest link.


If Death is guaranteed , birth also could be!  Reincarnation is logical.


Pain is certain, suffering is optional .


more to come, please suggest too in comments below.