Nature is a place of great secrets. These are secrets until we unlock them. Surprisingly every time we unlock one , we end up with many more secrets inside. To unlock such secrets we need  be able to find the link between various things.  To me everything in the universe is linked in one form or other.  This blog post is about various links that I see and I feel worth to be looked upon.

The air we breath is produced by trees. Why would I totally depend on something created by trees. Could there be a link between oxygen creators and oxygen absorbents ?  There are many different types air molecules , but why only oxygen ,produced by trees ,is our dying need. Is it that there was large amount of oxygen prior to animals on this earth , and we could survive only if oxygen’s abundance is reduced ?  Have we evolved ourselves to breath oxygen in a way to maintain some kind of balance in nature with trees.The molecule created via photosynthesis inside a leaf becomes a necessary element in chemical reaction inside human body to release energy from sugar molecules. I would call this as Energy Link

Human senses are capable of detecting only those changes which takes more than 0.1 second. e.g. if you are given an needle injection shot in less than 0.1 second, then you wont know if it was given at all. We can say that processing speed factor of senses is 0.1 second.  Earth takes 86400 seconds to rotate around itself to cause day and night. Because it is much much larger than 0.1 second (~10^6  times) we can detect the presence of day and night. If Day and night would have been faster than 0.1 second , we could never have been able to observe it.  The question is , is it just a coincidence or there is link between our consciousness factor and speed of earth rotation ?  May be we have developed our processing speed during evolution to be much faster than day-night cycle speed. This also gives another thought , are there such things happening around us which are way faster than our detection and so we are missing it?   I would call this as a Time Link.

Everyone who has ever lived on this earth died one day or will die. We have not yet evolved ourselves to be able to live forever. This is one of the pure truths of life. We are mortals. Rather, every living being is mortal. However we become rich, powerful, peaceful, intelligent we can not escape the death cycle. “Even Einstein dies” is the very truth we experience. Now if “being born” and “dying” are linked via life , why not  “dying” and “getting birth” are linked ? They can be linked based on state of mind at the time of death. More stable you are at the time of death, more peaceful your nature will be in the next life. If you die absolutely peaceful like Buddha, you need not another life at all.  The link between death and rebirth can be called as  Life link.

There are many more links like these and is just a step into knowing the nature of the world we live in.  Share your thoughts on these lines if you are thinking on similar lines in the comments below.

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Shiv (शिव)

This post is about my understanding of Shiv (as in lord Shiva or lord Shankar). All of my thoughts below are inspired from Mr. S N Goenka (famously known as Vipashyana guru).

Meaning of Shiv word itself is “well being” , “happy being” , “being in peaceful state” , “being in pure state”. One of the very intelligent ideas of Hinduism is to represent most aspired and most required state for human beings in a form of God. Being in peaceful state ,no matter what happens , is most difficult and most wished state to reach in this one life time.

Hrishi’s and saints found that attaining peace of mind is most important and at the same time a very tough process. They thought of representing this peaceful state in a form of God so that this becomes inspiration to normal people and looking at such peaceful God they may try to inherit the similar state in their life. And so is this Lord Shiva.

Ancient philosophers were very thoughtful and to represent this God of peace they thought of moon being on his head. Moon light is cool light (unlike sun) and logically someone can think moon as cool piece. Shiva has moon on his head , it means his head , his mind is as cool as moon. Coolness is infact peacefulness.

Shiva has river Ganga flowing from his head. Water of Ganga is very cold at it’s source and down the river too. Shiva’s mind is utmost cold that it can be thought as his head is source of such cold river.

Shiva has dangerous animal snake around his neack. Snake is also called as death as just a single bite of it can cause death of any other animal. Such of this animal even cannot affect Shiv’s peace. In the scariest of such situations Shiv can stay calm and peaceful.

Shiva’s body is blue. He has been pictured as person who drank deadliest poison resulted from sagar manthan. Poison is one of the hottest natured substance and can vanish a life in no time if consumed. Shiva is imagined to have drunk this huge poison and still his peace of mind is unaffected. He is such a cold natured Hrishi.

Ancient philosophers has done a great deal of imagination to have thought of this coolest image to inspire peaceful living in generations.

To me worshipping Shiva is taking time in your life to imagine such concept who is cool like moon, whose head is as cool as source of Ganga, whose peace is untouched by deadliest animal, whose body remains in cold form even he drinks poison. And try to inherit some of this in my life to make best use of being human.

We spend enough energy fighting if shiva exist or not , if Ganga starts from his head or not and blind believers always fail to spread actual message of Shiv to scientific , logical thinkers.

We are all thankful to such philosophers of old era to have inspired us to live a life in such peaceful way or Shiva way. It’s our duty to carry such messages for future generations.

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There has been lot of discussion in recent decades about “state of nothingness”. Philosophers , scientists , teachers , scholars and many other groups have been discussing about was there “nothing” before this universe.  Most of the discussions goes on understanding of nothing itself .Can there exists absolute nothing or what is nothing itself is yet to be locked into scientific discoveries.

This blog post is inspired from Lawrence Krauss‘s discussions and thinking about  nothing.  This blog post is not about theoretical physics etc and is all about my honest opinion and  my thoughts on “nothingness“.

Lets start with very simple state of nothing , and for that I put a statement : “There is nothing in my pocket.” This is very relative statement and for me it means there is absence of things which are commonly kept and looked upon in the pocket. But there exists air inside , so definitely there is not nothing because air is something. As long as we find something we can not say it’s nothing.

Lets create vacuum in a iron cubical box by removing air. Now can you say there is nothing in the box ?   Electromagnetic waves can travel trough vacuum and on earth we have so many electromagnetic things going on (mobile , radio , television signals and what not are all electromagnetic)  and so there exists something in the box. Also because we can’t realistically make 100% vacuum so there will always be something in out iron cubical box on earth.

Now let’s go to deep space and imagine 1m cubical area out there. Again assume vacuum is out there. Is there nothing ?  What about light from stars, you will always have some light (low/high intensity) out there coming from some or other star.

We can go further deeper and we will see Gravity,Time, Magnetic force etc out there.  Also we can call space itself a something. Now if space itself is something then it’s highly difficult to imagine things which can exists without space. Only your thoughts then can exists without taking space(and even someone can say thoughts take space in brain).

It seems to be inconclusive or branching discussion and so it will be good to first arrive at a point or definition of few important things out here and then again talk if “nothing” can exists.

Two of such things are “exists” and “a thing”. What are all things that we can say they fit into category of  “a thing”. What is the criteria on which we can call if it “exists” ?

So in conclusion , to find out if  “nothing exists” we need to know what do we actually mean by “something exists”?  If we answer second question we may be able to categories  what is “nothing”  and if it exists or not.

Please watch this space for further discussion on this topic on my blogpost.

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This “Time” series is my honest attempt to know what do we mean by “Time”. What is the nature of it. It is offcourse not necessary ( and is not ) to match with what someone says.  Ans so I am saying it as my honest attempt.

In previous blog (link) we discussed if Time is purely just a discovery by humans, i.e. have we discovered it ? To be able to discover something we need source for that thing , medium by which it travels (or stays) and our senses to detect it. For time we don’t have any of those. There is no source that creates time, time does not have medium , and we don’t have any sensor which can detect time.

We discussed that we have memories of something happened to us and our consciousness tells that we have memory. e.g. we were very little conscious when we were a year old. We don’t recall any of the things happened to us at that time. We individual can not surely tell if we were one year old for sure in past (we logically think that to become 30 yrs old we must have been 1 year old and that’s it. There is no real proof that one himself can generate that he was one year old.  Your parent can show you old photos ,videos etc but it’s not you , it’s them.)

So consciousness is helpful to let one confidently differentiate between past and present.

Let’s go to other branch to see if Time is our invention.

Invention is something lies in our creation category. e.g. GOD is our invention. We have not discovered GOD , instead we have created it for our own sake.

Is Time like a GOD , that we created for own sake ? Both of them does not have source of creation , and we either don’t have any sensor to detect it’s presence.

Whether or not GOD is an invention is very debatable and so let’s not fit time into invention category just because my personal opinion about GOD being an invention. Another example of invention would be let’s say a Chair. It’s an instrument to sit and take rest(it’s a physical instrument). Another example would be mathematics. It is our invention (virtual). It is a thought or collection of various logical thoughts.

Is Time just a thought or is it a external independent thing ? We will discuss more in upcoming blogs.

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