ONE of the main reasons why human could conquer this animal planet is his ability to “Study”. In this blog I am posting my understanding and opinions about “changed meaning of word Study in current times”. This blog is based on my observation of the same in primary schools  , colleges and universities.

To me meaning of study is  to observe ,  and for one to become master in particular area he must practice.  Observation along with practice can make one a Professional.

Today the meaning of study has completely changed and it has become “to read“. And for one to become master he is “remembering”  what he has read.  So today’s professionals are “readers who could remember”.

Well , surely not everyone fits into above category but you will agree most of them though fits in. Immediate question would be why are we going on this path if this is not right way. How one can study rightly. Is reading only way left to study now as Newton, Darwin, Einstein , Faraday , Hawking already did the “observation” part and nothing is left for us to study? Is reading and remembering giving us the success (money) and that why we are on that path ? Is today’s competition very high that one does not have time to observe and grasp, and if one does  will he not succeed ?

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I am keeping the blog length short from now onward as some of my readers suggested, they are too busy and if the page size is more then it’s not effective. 

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